Sunday, March 15, 2015

No more eye gunk/boogers/crust!

Since Emma was born, she has had a blocked tear duct. Both Jonas and Penny had this when they were newborns, but with some strategic squirts of breastmilk (TMI??), it cleared up for both of the older kids by the time they were 3 months old.

Emma's didn't clear up and since birth, she has woken up with really bad eye gunk. Some days it's so bad she wakes up looking like a pirate, with only one eye open and the other sealed shut with crusty eye boogers. 

(This picture has nothing to do with her eye gunk, but look at what I caught her doing the other day!!)

It's a very standard procedure, but it was our first time having a child have to go to the hospital, much less having surgery. It was a 15-minute surgery and all went well.

At her pre-op appointment, she passed the long waiting time by showing off her bellybutton.

At the hospital, she was pretty happy despite the fact that she didn't get to eat anything since dinner the night before. 

The anesthesiologist gave her some medicine to relax her and I got to cuddle with drunk-Emma.

All smiles before the surgery. (She did not look this happy after.)

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts! Being at Children's Hospital made me realize what a blessing it is to have healthy children who rarely have to visit the doctor apart from well visits. I pray that I never take our family's physical health for granted!

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