Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Some tidbits on the kids and life here in Alameda...

Jonas begged and pleaded last year to play baseball so this year, we decided to try out farm ball through Alameda's Little League. He had his first practice today, and LOVED it. He has quite a number of friends on the team and he didn't want the 90 minute practice to end. Our first game is on the 22nd, and it looks like we'll have games on Sunday mornings until June.

Go Yankees!

Penny keeps growing! So much so that most the skirts and dresses in her size are just too short. I've resorted to making her skirts, which she doesn't mind at all. We are fans of knee-length skirts. :) She's been drawing a lot, singing a lot, asking a lot of questions, and just growing a lot. She is excited to be turn five this summer, though she is very unhappy that her birthday is the last one in our family (we all have birthdays before August.) She said that when she's a grown up, her birthday will be in February and her name will be Jessica.


Oh Emma. Our dear Emma-bear. She has so many words now, (though only the kids and Jeff and I understand them); she says umma, dada, unnah (for unni/big sister), appa (for oppa/big brother), juice, mama (for food), dog/duck, moo, bear, bye-bye, hi, yogurt, nana (for banana), one (when you ask her old she is), shoes, outside, no thank you, yes please, and has started saying two words together: "appa skoo" (Jonas is at school.), or "see dada", or "umma car". Her left eye still has a blocked tear duct so she will go in for minor surgery on that on Friday. :(

No more knee-walking!

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