Monday, February 09, 2015

Enjoying the little things

... Emma trying to jump (which is actually just her lifting one foot.)

... Penny telling me "sequints" ("my favorite food is corn.")

... the way that Jonas says "awwwwww" whenever Emma or any other baby does anything cute.

... seeing people enjoy getting to know one another at church on Sundays.

... running into friends at Target.

... doughnuts. with sprinkles.

... "funsies" (spontaneous fun activities)

... dinners/meals that EVERYONE in our family enjoy (vs. having to make separate kid food)

... all the books by Mo Willems

... Emma's reaction to seeing the dog print on her pajamas (she says hi to all of them and tries to give them kisses.)

... the kids' exuberant reactions when Jeff comes home

... the first cup of coffee each morning

... Girl Scout cookies

... the kids' versions of Nirvana lyrics

... Emma being able to walk outside while holding our hands

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