Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jeff turned 33.

The Lockes love birthdays.

Every birthday starts with a birthday breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. (I even make them for myself on my birthday in March!)

Jeff's birthday is special because we love showering Daddy with love and he always has no expectations for his birthday. Which is kind of crazy because hello!!! I'm his wife and I love celebrations!! 

The kids and I made him a birthday book with pictures of the family and letters written by the kids (except Emma, whose letter is what I imagine she would want to say to Jeff.) This letter by Penny makes me melt...

On Sunday, the day of his actual birthday, we went on a hike in Oakland. It was WAY more intense than I expected. I googled "easy hike with kids in Oakland" and the Berkeley Parents Network pointed me to this hike at Huckleberry Park. People on the strand of comments said that their 18-month-olds can do this hike.

NO WAY. The whole time we had to walk in a single file line and I swear that Penny almost fell off the cliff at least ten times. 

Anyway, Jeff thought it was great and enjoyed it which is all that mattered. :)

We went to both Christ Church and Grace Alameda in the afternoon and Jeff was showered with more love with birthday cupcakes and handwritten notes and cards! We love our Alameda family!!!

And no Jeff Locke-birthday would be complete without dinner at Chapeau! in SF. :) Thanks Dave and Nicole for double-dating with us!!! (You can see Dave in the picture below that Nicole snapped of us. It makes me laugh.)

Happy birthday Jeff! We love you SO MUCH.

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