Monday, January 19, 2015

Enjoying "forever" friends

Last week I got to visit Austin, TX! ALL.BY.MYSELF!! 

I felt incredibly blessed by the opportunity to get time to travel by myself (hello no-stroller/diaper bag/kids/baby air travel!!) and to get to see "forever friends." 

When Clara and Allen had their new little guy last December, I knew that I needed to go and squeeze him while he was still in his skinny, delicious, squawky newborn stage. Thankfully, they humored me and let me and Katherine come and intrude...

Henry!!! He came to pick us at the airport. We immediately melted into puddles.

There is nothing NOTHING better than seeing one of your most precious friends grow and change into a wonderful and loving mother. Seeing Clara love on her son and care for him so well was definitely the highlight of our trip.

Penny gave Henry a pillow she sewed. :)

Katherine slaved away making these DELICIOUS homemade meatballs a la Jerry. Hahs, I hope that you are still enjoying them at every meal. 

Allen as a father is the perfect mix of Allen-ajushi and the silly bursting kind of love. I could tell just from the way that he looked at his little guy that his heart was bursting in that Allen-who-cries-at-google-commercials kind of way.

Thanks Hahs for having me and Katherine at your AWESOME house last week. Thanks Jeff for holding down the fort with Jonas, Penny and Emma so that I could go. Thanks church-family for making Jeff's job of holding down the fort pretty easy. Thanks God for blessing me with friends who are real and fun and vulnerable and hospitable and generous. 

This guy is just too cute. He needs a fan club STAT. 

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clara hah said...

i just saw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY. and allen and i just polished off the meatballs. SO YAMMY.