Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An update on the kids.

Emma Wise:

She is now 1.5 years old and she still prefers to walk on her knees. She knows how to walk on her feet, like a normal person, but I think she thinks she's faster if she walks on her knees. She has quite the temper tantrum, complete with her own equivalent of "the bird" (kind of like a flicking of fingers from her teeth? very Italian of her) and screeches. But at the same time, she is sweet as can be, with snuggles and hugs and kisses. Her words (usually only understand by those of us who live with her) now include: hi and bye with the inflection and tone of a valley girl, Emma, Umma, Dada, Un-nah (for "unni", big sister, Penny), Appa (for "oppa", big brother, Jonas), dog/duck (same word but obviously not), bear, diaper, apple, PEEEEZ (for please.) 

I caught her pre-flipping the bird in this photo! Don't be fooled by the smiling eyes, she's actually quite angry. 

Penny Wise:

At 4.5 years old, this girl is still quite the character. (See previous post here.) She loves to sing and dance and twirl and stomp and pretend to be a princess/mommy/librarian/teacher/shopkeeper. She attends preschool three times a week and when we have to miss a day for a holiday, she says "I can't wait to go back to school!" And then when school days come, she wakes up in the morning and says "Can I stay home today?" -_-  She loves to cook and bake and is inspired by Masterchef Jr. She loves to color and paint and hides the pictures she makes under Jeff's pillow to surprise him. She still has some trouble with the /r/ sound (says /w/) but we don't correct her because it's basically the cutest thing ever. With kindergarten around the corner, we know we should, and it'll probably be short-lived. :(

Jeff told Jonas to make a sad face in this photo. (I think.)

Jonas Clayton:

Oh Jonas. Such the little man yet also still such a little boy. He loves school, loves his friends, loves to play, loves to ride bikes, loves to love. I know that I'm partial, but I think this guy is pretty sweet. When I was getting ready to leave for Austin, he teared up and said "I'm just going to miss you so much." ::melt:: As sweet as he is, he's also really active and crazy and silly and spazzy. He tends to be overconfident, despite having me and Jeff as parents, and his first reaction to any scenario is "I can already do that." Yes, I pray for him daily. :)

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