Monday, January 05, 2015


It's a new year!

2014 was filled with many incredible moments and I am sad and disappointed that I didn't document those moments here, on our family blog. Yes, I have Instagram pictures and tidbits on Facebook, but they're not the same as getting to narrate important events and times in our lives like I get to do here on the blog.

So, 2015, I am declaring you the year of the blog revival!


For the year 2015, in addition to doing more blogging (my goal is to put something up at least once a month!), I am dwelling on how good God is, and that he has called me to ENJOY him and his blessings. 1 John 1:16 says "For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace." This year, I want to bask in the goodness of receiving grace upon grace!

I spent some time brainstorming this afternoon how I might put this word/intention, ENJOY, to action. Here's what I came up with:

  • This year I want to enjoy my heavenly Father by getting to know him better through the Word. (haha, yes, this is everyone's resolution, right?) I am hoping to read one book of the bible each month, alternating between new and old testament. (I'm starting Joshua this month!)
  • This year I want to enjoy my husband and our marriage by getting dressed up for date nights, even if they are just to go to a quick movie and grab ice cream. I know this sounds simple, but I want to make our time together special and get out of my sweatpants before we go out. Maybe this will include some outfit pictures? :)
Not dressed up in this picture but we still had a good time posing as hipsters.
  • This year I want to enjoy my kids by taking them out on one-on-one dates each month. With three kids, it's hard to engage with each of them and the few times that I've gotten to do this, I always end up liking my kids a little more. 
They also make less noise when there's just one of them.
  • This year I want to enjoy simplicity. Sounds pretty abstract so I want to start with how we eat. I will be learning from the best through this cookbook. This will also include simplicity in our stuff, like toys, clothes, house stuff...
I am both excited and intimidated by this. I am ready for a delicious revolution!
  • This year I want to enjoy my friends and to let them know how much I enjoy them through handwritten notes. Remember when we used to write notes to each other? Remember how fun it is to receive an unexpected note?! I also love any excuse to buy stationary.
Cheers to a new year!!!!

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clara hah said...

oh i love all your resolutions!!!!!!!!!!! i feel inspired.