Sunday, September 14, 2014

the fruit fabric.

So Jeff went on a big trip (Paris, South Africa, Zambia) for two weeks. It was crazy long and at some points, crazy hard to be alone with the kids, but we had a lot of help and we all survived! I also think I forgot how to cook real food while he was gone (though am now an expert in heating up chicken nuggets and making Kraft Mac-n-Cheese.) Thanks everyone who prayed for him as he visited some villages and communities through Hands at Work! And thanks everyone who helped, offered to help, and prayed for me and the kids while he was gone!!

But that's not what this post will be about.

I must tell you guys that my friend Christina is CRAZY talented. She made this awesome fruit print and I knew that it had to be a fabric. Because it's so fun and colorful and happy and my little girls needed to wear it!

I ordered two yards of it from Spoonflower, one with the print a bit bigger. Though I was really pleased with the colors (the print transferred really well!), it seemed that the fabric was a bit stiffer than I would've hoped, perhaps because of the transfer? Anyway, because I only had two yards, I've been trying to maximize usage by using it with other fabrics.

First I made a dress for Penny using some chambray as the bodice.

She liked it. :) She said it's her fruit princess dress.

Then, I wanted to make something for Emma. This one is a simple pillowcase dress. (If you couldn't tell, I only sew things that I can whip up quickly and without patterns! Lazy sewer am I.)

It BARELY fit her. She's such a chunk. :)

I made those two dresses, and a couple of cute little tissue holders for Christina from the first yard.

And I still couldn't stop!

A skirt for Penny...

I have ⅔ of a yard left of the fabric and I'll be hoarding it until I can think of the perfect way to use it.

Is this the resurrection of our blog??? I guess we will see... 

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