Thursday, August 28, 2014

Penny is 4.

This year, Penny got multiple birthday celebrations. 

On Monday, because Jeff left for Paris/South Africa/Zambia yesterday and wouldn't be here for her actual birthday, Penny wore her special pink lace dress from Uncle Nini and Aunty Katie, and had a special daddy-date with Jeff to get hot chocolate and lunch at her favorite cafe.

After her special daddy-date, we took some family selfies. This was the best one...

Then it was off to Lola's for fried chicken (Penny's special dinner request). Jonas used his own money to buy Penny a birthday present and he wanted to give it to her on Monday...

Today, Penny's actual birthday was a little sad because Daddy couldn't be with us. We are thankful for how advanced technology is that we were able to FaceTime with Jeff this morning at breakfast. I can't remember what we used to do before IPhones...

When I asked Penny what she wanted to do for her birthday, she knew exactly what she wanted: "I want to go to the salon and get my nails and toenails painted." So, that's what we did. 

Four little girls celebrating a fourth birthday with painted fingers and toes. 

Oh, and frozen yogurt too!

(Penny's not mad in this picture; she's watching Frozen on the tv at the yogurt place. She's very serious about Frozen.)


Dear Penelope True,

In some ways, I can't believe that you're ONLY four. You are crazy perceptive and bright. You have a keen sense for details and an unbelievable memory. Your sassy and spicy attitude is sometimes too much to bear. You think, like really think, about things in ways that I didn't know three- and four-year-olds did.

But then again, I really can't believe that you are now so big! Our sweet girl who gives us random kisses and hugs, who squeals when we are out and about and you see something glittery/pink/purple/golden/sparkly/pretty, who loves her blankie more than any of her other toys... I wish I could bottle up your sweet, little girlish ways and store them away for the actual teenager years to come.

Penny, we are so proud of you. We see how you want to learn and grow and take care of others, especially Emma. We see that you are struggling to understand how Jesus makes you beautiful (vs. what the world says makes you beautiful) and that you want to have a beautiful heart. We know that God loves you perfectly and in his perfect, sovereign way, has made you the sassy, sweet, strange, smart girl you are. 

You keep me humble for sure. Nothing gets by you. If I ever had an accountability partner, you are that person in my day-to-day life ("Umma, you're not supposed to text while you're driving!") I know that despite my flaws as your Umma, that God put you and me together, in this family, to help each other love and trust him more, and for that, I'm so thankful.

I look forward to more shopping dates, cooking together, making clothes together, and to all the ways we'll grow together.

We love you! Now stop growing please.


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