Sunday, July 20, 2014

Emma is one.

In light of the recent events in our family, this little one's birthday is a quiet, intimate affair.

Emmanuelle Wise Locke is one today. 

It's a bittersweet occasion. 

Bitter because she's our baby girl. Not just my and Jeff's baby, but Jonas and Penny's baby too. The big kids often say that they don't want Emma to turn big, but to stay a baby forever.

Sweet because she's growing up and changing and developing her own personality and style. She has easily filled her role of youngest child in so many ways...

Emma is fun, bright, a bit lazy (still refuses to stand at all), cheeky, silly, and loud. She loves to bob her head to Jeff's music (already a music-snob) and gives us kisses and hugs when prompted. She moves like a big, slow dinosaur (anyone who has seen her crawl will confirm), except when we're not looking and then she seems to pop up out of nowhere. She likes to eat meat and rice and loves to drink milk. She says "mama", "dada", "baba", but she usually communicates by shrieking or grunting.

Dear Baby Emma,

I know you're not technically a baby anymore, but I think that you'll always be "Baby Emma" to us. I really don't remember life before you, and I imagine that if I did remember, that it wasn't as bright and beautiful as it is now. You make me and Daddy melt daily. It's not like you do anything super impressive, but the littlest things seem to be SO CUTE when you do them. Like when you rest your head on Daddy's chest. Or when you let me cradle you when I give you milk. Or when you try to give Jonas and Penny kisses. It's all so adorable that I want to freeze time. 

But I know you must grow up. I pray that God will protect you and guard you as you learn to do all the things that are going to learn to do. Don't worry-- I know now that I can't expect you to learn to do things when I want you to... funny how God keeps using you and your brother and sister to teach me to let go of control. So feel free to walk and talk when you feel ready. If you're anything like your sister, I know that when you do you probably won't ever stop.

We love you so much. I'm sorry that these pictures don't show off your rolls. They are truly epic.


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