Friday, June 27, 2014

Penelope, the budding ballerina

Thanks to Mimi and Papa, Penny got to attend Ballerina Camp at Dance10 this past week.

She LOVED it.

We did Mommy & Me classes (blerg) at another dance studio last fall and Penny said, "I love this ballet class better than my other ballet class!" I think I cramped her style.

I asked Penny what she learned at ballerina camp this week. She said: (please read in your best Penny voice, where all /r/ sounds are actually /w/ sounds.)

"I learned Swan Lake, and Dr. Coppelia, and Nutcracker. 
I learned about running and jump. I learned about skipping. 
My favorite thing was flapping my wings up and down.
I also learned about coloring. I didn't do the dance of Peter and the Wolf."

"That's us! Juliette and Penny!" says Penny.

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