Wednesday, June 04, 2014

happy birthday jonas clayton!

Today Jonas turns six.

I know in my head that in the big picture of life that turning 6 is probably not a major milestone.

But today I can't stop thinking about how this boy:

... has become this boy:

Jonas at six...

LIKES | his sisters, Legos, Star Wars, Star Wars: the Clone Wars (yes, there is a difference), basketball, Ms. Ngo, smoothies, CHOCOLATE, ice cream, learning, riding his bike, wrestling Daddy, bear hugs, Kayden, talking about Star Wars, cheese pizza, hamburgers, justice, Jesus, raw vegetables
DISLIKES | getting his nails trimmed, roasted broccoli, slowing down, getting his face wet, haircuts, peanut butter, quinoa, watermelon, the idea of his baby teeth falling out
SAYS | "reposed" for supposed, "You got to be kidding me?!", that he's going to marry Francesca
MAKES | cakes on Saturday mornings, stuff with Legos everyday, Penny frustrated at least once a day, Emma laugh all the time, music constantly
WANTS | people to be happy, to hear the song "Happy" by Pharrell, sweets for every meal, to be as "big as Daddy"

Dear Jonas,

I know you don't want to stay five forever, but can I just tell you how much fun five-year-old Jonas was?? You went to kindergarten! You learned to read! You started to play basketball! You got a baby sister! You can fix your own breakfast!

Even though I'm sad to say good-bye to five-year-old Jonas, I am so very happy to see how excited you are to get bigger and grow older. We don't tell you know enough how much we love you and how proud we are of you. You are sweet and kind; you often let Penny win because she really doesn't like to lose and you play with Emma without any prompting from us, just because you love to make her laugh and smile. You are smart and hard-working; we're so proud of the ways that you do your best in school and that you practice practice when things don't come easily. 

Sometimes you still climb into my lap and I say "what's up buddy?" and you say "nothing, I just want to snuggle." And then I melt a little. 

When Daddy gets home from work, you run to the door and say "HI DADDY! Do you want to come in the living room and play with me?" And then he melts a little too.

We're so thankful for you. You are a ray of sunshine, our optimist, our encourager. We thank God for you and the privilege that we get to watch you grow up. Thank you for loving us, trusting us, and making our lives more full and fun each and everyday.

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Aileen said...

AHH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONAS!! love, auntie aileen & uncle richard :)