Saturday, May 31, 2014

Penny finished her first year of preschool.

School is winding down, weather is (kind of) heating up, tomatoes are starting to pop up in our garden bed, our summer birthdays (Jonas on 6/4, Emma on 7/20, Penny on 8/28) are starting to get planned... we're definitely getting ready for summer here!

This week Penny finished her first year of preschool! 

She was very excited by it. See picture below:

She attended the same preschool that Jonas went to when we first moved to Alameda. This past year she went just Tuesdays and Thursdays and this fall she'll be enrolled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And then, it'll be time for kindergarten!! Too fast!!!

This is definitely one of those big-yet-not-so-big milestones. Big because we stuck through something for a whole year! Not so big because she's got so many years of school ahead... :)

Afterwards, we had a lunch picnic at the park. One of the perks of Alameda-living is that we have lunch picnics at least once a week, usually more like two or three times a week. Emma was determined to eat a whole nectarine by herself.

We took a selfie together! The glare on my glasses looks a bit strange...

Congratulations Penny! You've completed 1 of 16+ years of school. :)

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