Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Emma @ 8 and 9 months

It's been so busy.

I forgot to blog about Emma turning 8-months, and then forgot about 9-months too!

This is quite unfortunate because we've really reached a sweet-spot with Emma; she is at that perfect stage of being very interactive and communicative, yet not talking yet (she can sign "more please" and has a very effective whiny sound that I'm assuming means NO THANK YOU). She is still chubby and roll-y (see picture above and try counting all those rolls!) and cannot move on her own yet; that means I can still set her down and she'll sit and play on her own. She will roll all over the place but hasn't really tried crawling yet. She naps twice a day. She eats most everything except honey and peanut butter. She's got the best tooth-y, crooked grin. She is the cheesiest of babies-- when we are out and about, she tries so hard to get strangers to look at her and smile. (Ironic, considering how wary she is of anyone other than me and Jeff holding her...)

It seems that I blinked and now it's summer. There are so many things I want to blog about (Jonas finishing kindergarten, Penny getting her first haircut, our side yard and garden, sewing projects, new recipes I've been adding to our meal rotation, new routines and fun things we've been doing here in Alameda,...) that it's hard to know where to start!

Here's hoping that this little ditty about Emma will get the ball rolling...

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