Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 random things about me.

1. I always always wear shorts under my skirts or dresses. Jeff laughs at me and reminds me that I'm not a school-age girl anymore (I make Penny always wear shorts under skirts or dresses too!) but I'm quite clumsy and awkward and I have to chase my kids around so shorts are the only way I feel comfortable wearing dresses and skirts.
2. I don't like to eat most fruit. I will eat them if someone (usually me) washes and cuts them up (usually for the kids), but mostly because I know I should. Not because I actually enjoy the taste of them. The only fruit I will eat lots and lots of are korean grapes, watermelon and other melons, and super-sweet plums.
3. I studied International Education in graduate school. I learned all sorts of things I don't really remember now.
4. I hate milk. I'm totally grossed out if I spill some of my kids' milk and have to wipe it up. I think it's the color and the whole milkiness of it. I'm shuddering as I write this...
5. I was a terrible cook when Jeff and I first got married.

(This is my attempt to be more active on the blog. Hopefully, I'll have more time to sit down and write down our happenings when things settle down for the summer...)

Some random pictures...

Sleeping babies are so sweet. 

This is how we usually spend Friday afternoons. (Jeff, your bare feet look huge in the picture!)

I call this series, "Emma and her bear."

Can I be like this lady when I grow old?

Actually, I kind of want to be her now.

And there you have it! The most random post EVER. :)

1 comment:

clara hah said...

ok, i don't believe you. im sure you knew how to cook. LIES.

and what kind of shorts? like spandex-y kind?

i hate milk too!

ok. miss you!