Tuesday, April 01, 2014


My 33rd birthday was great.

I woke up to a handmade book from Jonas and Penny...

Yes, I am wearing a striped shirt in their picture on the cover!!

Jonas: "Umma I like it wen you make mak and chees."
Penny: likes it when Umma takes me down for a nap.

I also got treated to breakfast at Little House Cafe! These pictures are only shown here because they make me laugh. We sat outside and I wanted a picture with all the kids...

The sun was really bright...

So bright that Jonas was scared his eyes were going to melt. (Look at Emma's face in the picture above!!!!!!! Dying...)

He was so scared of the sun in his eyes.

"Just the girls" as Penny always likes to point out.

We got home and I realized the kids and I were all wearing stripes!!! 

I also got to celebrate after lunch with a nap. It was the best gift from my family EVER.

Grace Alameda also turned one! It was a fun, full day of celebrating. :)

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