Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014.

Taking a decent picture of three kids (and by decent, all I mean is that they're all looking at the camera and look somewhat happy) is NO JOKE.

Emma's uncomfortable and unsure of the situation.

"Give Emma a kiss!"

I probably got mad at them for not listening. (Emma obviously isn't listening at all.)

Penny's fake smile, Emma's no smile, and Jonas's emo face.

Penny leans in.

Winner? This picture had to be majorly cropped because of Penny's un-ladylike sitting pose.

Ha! Emma's face here is so funny to me. And Jonas looks like a talk-show host.

Happy Valentine's Day! We'll be spending the day eating chocolate pancakes, going on Daddy-dates/Man-time, napping, reading a LOT (for Jonas's school's read-a-thon), watching the Lego Movie, and binging on House of Cards on Netflix. 

1 comment:

Bethany Miller said...

You've captured children in all their adorable, changeable splendor! The "nervous smile" phase just cracks me up. K2 went through it over Christmas when we payed for professional photos--go figure! :-)

PS - Emma's cheeks are to-die-for!!!!!!!!!!!!