Friday, February 07, 2014

Jonas @ 5.5 and Penny @ 3.5

(I don't want to forget what our kids are like during this busy time in our lives...)

Jonas is halfway through Kindergarten (today is the 100th day of school!) and he LOVES school. He is reading pretty well, has been working on his number skills (mainly addition drills), and his best friend at school is Kayden. (He still is going to marry Francesca, but he has realized that boys actually like to play the way that he does [superheroes, guns, chasing, army, etc.] and has taken to playing mostly with other boys at school.) 

He has a sweet-as-can-be personality: he loves to make Emma laugh all the time, he always always helps Penny into her carseat and with her seat belt, and he sometimes comes up to me and looks at me with his big eyes and asks if we can snuggle on the couch. He makes me melt. 

He is learning about responsibility and what it means to be a man of God, primarily through "Man Time" each Friday afternoon with Jeff. One day in the car he said to me, "when Daddy is at work and I'm at home and it's just the girls that means that I'm the man of the house and I have to protect you and Penny and Emma." 

He is obsessed with Star Wars and Legos and Star Wars Legos and has taken to more imaginative play (he turns any and everything from toast to Penny's plastic high heels into guns) and insists that he's the "good guy." 

He is very logical, and if something doesn't appeal to his sense of logic, he asks very interesting questions, like "How can God be real if he's not REAL (meaning invisible)?" To which I respond, that's a really good question to ask your theologically-trained father. :)

Penny is into her second quarter of being in preschool twice a week. She comes home from school and tells me that her favorite part of the day was snack ("Umma, did you know that my favorite food is PRETZELS?!") and that she played with her friends Aubrey and Harumi. 

She has an all-over-the-place kind of personality. One second she's so sweet and giving everyone hugs and kisses and the next moment she's mad for really no reason. I guess she's just a girl? She still loves her blankie (it's so very sad and basically ripped to shreds at this point); I think the order of people she loves in life goes Daddy-Umma-Jonas-Emma-Blankie. Interestingly, she seems to have some of both my and Jeff's "bad" personality traits; she is stubborn as heck, she tends to be exclusive in who she'll play with and include in her circle, she has a mean sense of humor and likes to laugh at the expense of Jonas (who doesn't really have a mean bone in him.)

She is learning about what it means to be beautiful, that Christ's love makes her a beautiful daughter of God. Rapunzel and Cinderella are beautiful on the outside, but what makes a girl really beautiful is her heart. Man. That's really hard to teach a 3.5 year old! (I have a hard time remembering it myself!) But she is starting to see how lovely kindness and generosity and hard-work are, and I can see that if anything, I need to really model these things to her cause she is VERY observant.

She is an eaves-dropper for sure and notices things that I would never think she would've seen. She has an uncanny ability to remember faces and names (future politician???) and likes to retell stories from when she was "a little girl." :) The girl loves to chat! All. Day. Long. If anyone is ever bored and wants someone to talk to, please call me and Penny would love to chat.

She still loves her princess dresses and shoes and tiaras. She has started to be interested in My Little Pony and just likes girly things in general. I think at first I didn't get it (how can one be so enthralled with the colors pink and purple?) but now I can see that she just enjoys beauty. She is able to see beauty everywhere, from the tiny little flowers in the grass to the pink flesh of grapefruit she sees at the farmers market and it just reminds me that God really did make things beautiful.

My heart is full with love and gratitude for these little guys that Jeff and I get to have and hold everyday. 

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inee said...

this is so beautiful and i kind of tears up. love your kids!!