Monday, January 27, 2014

We went to the mountains.

The trees were very big. We did a lot of upward gazing.

These guys are my favorite. 

Penny carried around that "hiking stick" all morning. She said she needed it.

At one point, Jeff and I looked ahead and saw our two big kids walking together like this and we felt warm and fuzzy all over.

I spy #jonasclayton 

Daddy and Jonas talked about life, nature, God, Star Wars...

Blue Steel. (And again, the stick.)

He was sword fighting. "For real." (That's his new catch-phrase.)

Yes, Karen/Eemo, the hat is too small. But it's so cute and handmade and I like to force my children into too-small clothes and accessories.

Arnold, CA, we'll be back soon! Please give us some snow next time. :)

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