Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Penny: "I need some scissors Umma."
Kathy: "Why do you need scissors?"
P: "Because I'm making something for you and Daddy."
(I walk over to the dining room and get her some scissors.)
K: "What are you making?"
P: "I'm making a sermon. I'm making a new sermon for you and Daddy."


Monday morning...
P: "I think I'm still sick Umma."
K: "Oh no, where are you sick, sweetheart?"
P: "My tummy is saying that I should watch Tangled the movie."


On a walk to the bookstore...
Random older lady on the street to Penny: "Oh you are just TOO pretty!"
P: "Oh, I'm not pretty!"
K: "What? What are you then Penny?"

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