Monday, January 13, 2014


Jeff wakes up first. Makes the coffee. Studies the Bible and prays. It's still dark outside.

Jonas wakes up to go to the bathroom. I can hear him from downstairs. I also hear him creep down the stairs to see if the light is on, wondering if anyone's awake. He sneaks back into his room and hums the Darth Vader theme and wakes Penny up.

I wake up a bit later, after hitting snooze twice. Turn on the light, sit up in bed, grab my Bible and journal and pen. Read and pray and write.

7:15, I get out of bed, prepare breakfast for the kids, give Jeff a kiss on the cheek, go get the kids at 7:20.

They are awake, usually Jonas is in bed with Penny, and he is reading her a book (usually his Star Wars encyclopedia) in the dark (so bad for his eyes!) I get hugs and then I get their clothes so that they can get dressed and go downstairs.

Jonas and Penny get sent down to see Daddy ("DADDYYYYYYYY!!!") and breakfast, and I creep into Emma's room.

Emma is coo-ing and waiting. When she sees me, she scrunches up her face into the best smile ever. She sucks on her fingers, her way of telling me, "Hey umma. Where's my breakfast?!"

She gets a diaper change, clothing change, and I nurse her in her room, in the white rocking chair. Some days I get to check my email while she eats, but other days I intentionally just watch and snuggle her as we share a quiet moment, just the two of us.

We go downstairs. Jeff and the kids are eating breakfast at the kitchen table. We round the corner and hear "Baby Emma!!!!!"/"Look Jonas, it's Baby Emma!"/"I know it's Baby Emma, Penny!"

I hand the baby to Jeff, fix my coffee and oatmeal. I sit down to eat. Jeff is done with his toast and holding the baby. Penny is still eating her cereal (she's the slowest.) Jonas is done and has opened his Bible and has begun to read about the Wise Men. While I was upstairs with Emma, Jeff has already done the Catechism with the kids and now it's Jonas's time to read.

We all listen to Jonas Clayton read.

I look up from my oatmeal and coffee.

And I feel so very thankful for this little family of mine. 


Allen said...

How lovely!

Samantha Sungyun Lee said...
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Samantha Sungyun Lee said...

love to hear any rituals people have to start the day out on a calm and positive note. And yours sound lovely. This has inspired me set my alarm clock (jack crying out for me) for 30 minutes earlier tomorrow.
I've been in such a bad mood starting the morning, because Jack cries when I change his diaper. I guess I get there after he started to cry, he wants me to nurse him instead of changing his diaper. :( thanks for sharing! I do enjoy your little space on blogspot. I should get back on mine too. :)

Selina Lee said...

Lovely post! I'm such a night person but forever wanna be a morning person. If I can start my day maybe 1 hr earlier than usual, I could picture this in my house. :P