Monday, January 20, 2014

Emma @ 6 months.

Six months already?!

Time is really flying by with this little one...

Emma Wise at 6 months-old is full of giggles (Jonas and Penny get the best of these), belly laughs (the kind that are so hearty that she seems to be in pain), singing (especially at church while Jeremy leads worship time), a tooth (!!!), sleeping for two solid naps a day + one iffy one in the evening + 12-13 hours at night, trying (unsuccessfully) to eat some solids (we'll try again in a few weeks!), and being the best baby EVER.

If all babies were as easy-going and sweet as this one, I may be open to having more of them! 

Gosh, the love between the Locke kids is just too much sometimes...

It's Jeff's birthday this Saturday and we're off to the mountains for a couple of days to rest and hike and enjoy some nature. :)

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