Thursday, December 19, 2013

We went to Disneyland!

The week of Thanksgiving, we all went with the Chaes (+ Connie) to Disneyland.

Here's the big photo dump...

Jeff and Jonas waiting for Connie so that we could caravan to Disneyland. 
It was 8am.
Yes. Jonas is that happy at 8am.

I snapped this picture when Jeff and I tried to sneak away. 
That is TWO double strollers. And even that wasn't enough for all of the kids we had with us!

Penny was happy. I think. You never know with her.

Maps were handy for waiting in line.

She looks a little bit happier here...

Finally! A smile!!!

Emma spent 87% of the day in the Ergo on either Jeff or me. She got a little time in the stroller and seemed pretty happy about it. (ROLLS!!!)

Fatigue set in after lunch, after being rejected for Jedi Training (so so sad) and working through the crazy crowds with our two double strollers. Jonas looked like this while we waited in lines (this one for Autopia.)

Anyone else think this ride is terrible?! Ack. I still have back pain from it.

This picture cracks me up because Penny was SO excited to meet Belle. And when she did, she did her nonchalant/too-cool-for-school face. Ha. So Penny.
Our sweet niece Nora looks so cute here!

We started getting deliriously tired after dinner.

We went on Casey's Train Ride and Jeff recounted the time that when he was 3 or so, he stuck his head through the bars and got stuck. It was nostalgic for Jeff to be back on that train ride...

See? In the Ergo. Again.

When we were getting ready to go home, Jonas was sitting in the stroller on our walk back to the parking lot. He said to me, "Umma, I'm going to go to sleep now." And he promptly fell asleep. All the way to the car. In the car. All the way back to Karen's. 
He's still my baby. :)


clara hah said...

omggggg. penny's too cool for school KILLS. and jonas.. *shaking head* that boy slays me.

miss you guys!

Allen said...

yes yes what a super fun time!

Cynthia said...

Jeff got his head stuck in the gate of the ride so no one could get on the ride until he was unstuck. I'm soooo glad your trip had no such incidents! Loved the pictures so much