Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013.

Nothing like a big ol' giant picture dump to make us reflect on how good God has been to us throughout 2013...

In 2013, we...
ATE | food that we grew in our garden, more plants, less animals/animal-products
DRANK | beer brewed by Jeff, coffee roasted by Jeff, the best tap water ever
PRACTICED | patience (Jeff), self-control (Jonas), kindness (Penny), and letting go (Kathy)
LEARNED | how to brew beer (Jeff), how to read (Jonas), how to spot anything pink and pretty in a room (Penny), how to make hard-boiled eggs (Kathy)
PLAYED | at every park in Alameda, at Fairyland and the Zoo, at Disneyland with the Chaes
FINISHED | having babies (yes, I said it.) 
READ | the Bible (Jonas read to us every morning before school at breakfast!) and so so many yet not nearly enough books
WALKED | up and down Park St. and all over Alameda
MOVED | from the West End to Central Alameda, from preschool to kindergarten, from family of 4 (Yaris-friendly) to family of 5 (minivan-time)
MARVELED | at God's blessings to us through our sweet baby, Emmanuelle Wise, and through our other "baby", Grace Alameda
RECEIVED | kindness, generosity, hospitality from our friends near and far, mercies upon mercies for each new day that we have been given from our heavenly father
LOOKING FORWARD | to a new year with renewed hope and faith that we're exactly where God has called us to be and that He always always provides all that we need, and then some.

The Lockes

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