Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Emma @ 4 months.

She loves being held.
She loves when you pump her legs for her.
She loves to sit in our laps to read books with her brother and sister.

She loves sucking on her fingers. (We think she might be looking for her thumb.)
She loves having her toes tickled.
She loves taking baths.

She loves when Jonas plays with her.
She loves to be sung to.
She loves Penny's high-pitched baby-voice falsetto ("Emma, do you like my princess dress?? do you think I look pretty??? Oh good, I look so pretty.").

She loves catching her daddy's eye when he's across the room.
She loves to nurse and snuggle with umma.
She loves being outside and sitting underneath big trees and watching leaves dance.

We love her.


Lynn Jones said...

awww - I love her too!!! xoxox, Auntie Lynnie

Lynn Jones said...
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