Monday, November 04, 2013

Custom Penny & Emma Dolls!

I had no idea that these dolls would be as well-received as they were at the Alameda Holiday Boutique this past weekend! So thankful for everyone who came out to visit and supported me and Michelle!

So, because there seemed to be so much interest for these dolls, FOR THIS WEEK ONLY (until 11/10), I'm going to offer made-to-order dolls, perfect for the lovely little lady/ladies in your life!

I will only be taking orders this week because I'm pretty sure that life is going to be even crazier as the holiday season approaches!

If you're interested in ordering a doll, please email me at and let me know what kind of doll you'd like. Here's what I can customize:
  • hair color: black, dark brown, brown, light brown/blond, yellow
  • skin color: ivory-tone, olive-tone, chocolate-tone
  • dress color: any color (It will be a lovely, patterned fabric that I choose of your color choice.)
Also, I can make boy dolls too!

These custom-made dolls will be $18 (not including shipping.) Payments can be made via paypal or checks. You should receive your doll by 12/1/13!

You could make your daughter/niece/cousin/friend/student/etc. as happy as this little girl!

(She was just a bit camera-shy. She liked her doll, I promise!)

Penny and Emma will personally squeeze and hug each and every doll; quality-control is so very important to us. :)

(Thanks Lauryn for the picture!)

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