Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Jonas's "date"

He had been waiting ALL weekend for Monday to come.

He was so excited for his "date with Francesca" (I tried correcting him multiple times, "It's NOT a date, Jonas. It's a PLAYdate.")

Jeff picked them up, brought them home, and Jonas dumped out all of his toys for her.

They had a snack (she requested pomegranate juice! I will make sure to have some on-hand for next time), they built a city with blocks (J: "Let's make San Fran-skis-co!"; F: "Jonas! It's not San Fran-SKIS-co! It's San Francisco!; J: "I know!!! That's what I said! San Fran-skis-co!" [note: Jeff and I have held off correcting Jonas on his pronunciation of San Francisco for a very long time. It's just so cute.]), they played with felt play mats...

It seems that they are really great friends. So sweet with each other. 

In anticipation of the playdate, Francesca drew Jonas this picture:

Yes, there are THREE hearts and they are under a tree. 

To my dismay, Jeff has been saying that Francesca is Jonas's first love...

Anyone know how to freeze time? Or better yet, time travel so I could go back to 2008, when Jonas was this little?

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scottizzzo said...

how do i "like" this post? please keep making this blog even when they're teenagers.