Monday, October 21, 2013

Emma @ 3 months.

(Pardon the grainy photos from my phone.)

Yesterday, Emmanuelle Wise turned three months-old! 

That's a quarter of a yearpeople! Too fast!!!!

(This picture best displays her thigh and arm rolls and all their squishy goodness.)

This was a good month. She is on a fairly regular schedule, eating basically 6-7 times a day, staying awake for longer periods of time, smiling and giggling and laughing (really laughing, not just gas-happy), learning how to be a little less bobble-head-like, finding her fingers to suck on when eating is not an immediate option, and just being our little bubble of love and joy.

The best news is that somewhere around 10-11 weeks, she started sleeping through the night! Hallelujah~! I put her down around 7pm, do a quick dreamfeed around 10:30pm and then she's been good and asleep until 7:30am!

Thanks Emma Wise for helping your mama feel like a normal human being again!

(Update: Look at Penny at 3 months!)

(And Jonas too!!!)

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