Tuesday, September 17, 2013

school days.

It's (finally) starting to feel like fall.

School's in full swing, not only for Jonas, but also for this little gal...

Penny started preschool today!

She walked to the classroom, said hello to her teachers, hung up her backpack, and went straight for the purple square (of course.) 

She was a pro at school.

When I picked her up at noon, I asked her what her favorite part of school was and she said, "Eating one gwam cwacka and drinking waddah (water) for a snack." :)

We went to pick up Jonas after and they chatted about school as we walked back to the car:

Jonas: You went to SCHOOL today?! 

Penny: Yes, I did.

Jonas: Wow! That's AWESOME. (Seriously, this is how Jonas really talks. So enthusiastic.)

Penny: I will tell you about school. My clip was on purple. (Jonas's class uses a clip system for behavior management where purple is when students do an amazing job in class and get prizes. Penny's class doesn't have anything like this at all.)

Jonas: You don't have a clip in preschool!

Penny: Yes. My clip was on purple.

Jonas: No it wasn't!

Penny: Yes. It. Was! My clip was on purple!

Jonas: Alright, if you say so! (Even though he knows she's lying.)

Jeff and I enjoyed our first morning with both big kids in school getting coffee and pastries at Boot and Shoe Service in Oakland with this little one...

(She's the best third wheel EVER.)

And now, the girls are napping and Jonas is writing Jeff a letter, because he misses Daddy.

"Dear Daddy,
Please come
play with me.
Love, Jonas"
(Daddy's much better at playing legos than I am.)

(Love him.)

School days are here! Hooray for learning new things, making new friends, fun school events (we get to go get ice cream tonight for a PTA fundraiser!), regular routines and schedules... 

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inee said...

your babies are the best :)