Monday, September 09, 2013

saying goodbye to summer

This week has been HOT. 

So hot, that I got my hair cut.
So hot, that Jeff wore shorts AND flip-flops.
So hot, that the baby slept in her diaper, and nothing else.
So hot, that Jonas had three bloody noses in one day.
So hot, that we put in our window AC unit and huddled around it during hottest parts of the afternoon.
So hot, that when we went over to Max's house for dinner this weekend, they blasted their sprinklers and let the kids at it...

To say that they enjoyed it would be a terrible understatement.

Penny had so. much. fun.

It's been fun, but the Lockes are ready to say...

(and hello to Fall, and sweaters, corduroys, boots!, all things pumpkin-flavored, Halloween, soups and stews... I love fall!!!)

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Katherine said...

Let's see that haircut!!!