Saturday, September 21, 2013


Thanks to Mimi and Papa, Penny went to her first ballet class this morning.

It's a mommy-and-me class.

See us in the mirror, with all the other little girls and mommies? Except today, it was mommy and me AND baby Emma because Jeff is out of town (Jonas got to hang out with Aunty Lynn). Doing plies (sp?) and stretches with a baby strapped to your chest is interesting. Trying to help Penny do plies and stretches and put her feet in the right places for all the different positions and helping her walk on her tip-toes, with a baby strapped to your chest means I was a big ol' sweaty hot mess after.

These were the only pictures I could take before the teacher asked me to put my camera and my phone away.

Apparently, ballet in Alameda is serious business! No picture-taking allowed. :(

Penny seemed to like the pink leotard and tights and shoes and the beautiful, graceful teacher and the music. She did NOT like doing the things that the teacher asked her to do. 

Ballet lessons are going to be interesting...

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