Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Penelope True is 3.

This is Penelope True at 3 years old...

I sat down to write this post at least 5 different times this past week.

I think I've had a hard time writing about Penny turning 3 because it's really hard to encapsulate who she is in one teeny-tiny blog post. 

She is a little gal-woman full of emotion, curiosity, preferences, and love. 

She loves to sing and dance (often making up her own words for any song), she has an unexplainable affinity/obsession with pink (like, ANYTHING-- we go on a drive and she points out "ooh, look at the pink house, it's SO CUTE!" or on a walk to the library "Umma!! See the pink!" and she points out someone's old pink gum on the sidewalk), she makes an excellent "libwariUN" (emphasis on the last syllable), and always ALWAYS wants to be the princess (Cinderella and Princess Leia are her current favorites.)

If there ever was both a lover and fighter in one person, it would be Penny.

(Usually, she's a lover with Daddy and a fighter with me.) -_-

She is sweet and sassy, kind and selfish, fun and lazy, silly and smart, opinionated and stubborn, and always and forever, our beautiful little girl.

If there ever was a "three-nager", Penny would be it.

Dear Penny True,

How great it is to be your parents!

To watch you grow and learn and change and fight and love and flourish...

Penny at 2 was lots of fun, and we know that Penny at 3 will be full of surprises.

I know without a doubt that God made you part of our family so that I can learn to grow in patience and to die to myself. :) 

You love to love and we love to love you.

Happy 3rd Birthday Penelope True!!!

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