Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Oh Jonas aka the Sweetest Boy in Alameda

Today was Farmer's Market Day at Jonas's camp. (He's been going to a morning camp put on by the Alameda Recreation and Parks Department this week.)

This morning before he left for camp, I gave him $3 so that he could buy a small bag of popcorn from the Kettle Corn vendor.

Jeff and I prepped him as much as we could-- keep the money folded up in your pocket so you don't lose any of the bills, we know you're going to want to show your friends but if you take it out, you might lose a dollar and then won't have enough for popcorn, ask the man selling popcorn "May I have a small bag of popcorn please?" and give him the money, you can share the popcorn with your friends because it'll be way more than you should try to finish...

He had his money in his pocket and we dropped him off at camp.

Throughout the morning, I wondered how Jonas was doing, whether or not he was going to be able to buy the popcorn by himself, if he'd say and do the right things. (Cause that's what mommies do-- worry and fret.)

When he arrived home after Jeff picked him up, he walked up to the door carrying his empty lunch box, the craft he made, and this:

Turns out that a small bag of popcorn is $4, NOT $3. :(

But Jonas said that it was ok, he wasn't disappointed, and that he bought bread instead. A loaf of Beckmann's whole-grain, California Black bread . :)

I'm pretty sure that this loaf of bread actually cost more than $3, but I wonder if the person selling the bread just thought it was too amusing that our 5-year-old wanted to buy a loaf of bread with his money that he just gave it to him?

I asked him what his friends bought and he said they bought honey sticks and croissants and I asked him why he didn't buy any of those things and he said,

"Because, I bought bread."

And then he said,

"We can eat it with Penny for breakfast tomorrow."

After Jonas recounted his bread-buying experience, Jeff and I became puddles of smooshy, melty love over our big boy who is sweeter than either of us ever were/are.

We are blessed.


Stella said...

I will leave my child with you so that you can raise him/her exactly like this.

Allen said...

Way to go Jonas!!

Aileen said...

Ahhh Jonas' heart is BIG and PRECIOUS. I love when I ask for a hug and he takes a running start, jumps up and nearly knocks me over. Its the best.