Monday, August 26, 2013

Mr. Jonas goes to Kindergarten.

I really don't know how it happened.

Somehow our little baby boy grew into a 5-year-old man.

We celebrated this rite of passage the night before with a special Jonas-requested dinner ("hamburgers with just meat and cheese") and cupcakes with candles and a "Happy First Day of School" song.

He packed his snack for school (no lunch yet, we've got two weeks of 11:40am pick-up times). He put his Cheez-its in a ziploc bag, chocolate chip granola bar and water in his lunch sack. He picked out his clothes before he went to bed.

And then, we woke up, got dressed, ate pancakes, did our family devotional, brushed teeth, got everyone in the car and went to school... (See how happy he is up there? I think he's skipping.) :)

There was a little mix-up about where to line up but after wevfigured that out, Jonas found his new friend Francesca (who goes by Chessa-- so cute!) and they waited for their teacher to come out.

Penny looked as big as most of the kids in Jonas's class! 

This was Jonas's "kindergarten face" (take 3-- the first two "kindergarten faces" were quite silly.)

Emma and Daddy walked Jonas into his class.

And then, there it was. The beginning of a new chapter of Jonas's life. A new adult that will know him almost as well as we do. (Yes, that's his teacher, looking all young and cute!) 

He didn't even look back. 

And we knew that Jonas was going to be A-OK. 

We love you Jonas Clayton! 


Stella said...

Your posts almost always make me wanna cry!

karen chae said...

awwww. i love him! and penny looks tired. and i miss emma.