Monday, June 17, 2013

the 7th Locke home: pt. 2

A new room for the kids!

This time around, I tried to take a long-view approach to decorating this room, knowing that eventually, Penny would move out of it and into the nursery with the baby and Jonas would get this room to himself.

Jonas's favorite color is white so I decided to forgo my love of all colors and stick more closely to a black/white/yellow and a little bit of red color scheme...

Rug from Ikea and free Ikea lofted/bunk bed that I painted white. That Expedit shelf we've had since Jonas was born and it's still going strong!

Another lovely print by Christina! Love it so much!!!

I also LOVE chalkboard paint. These red chalkboards are cheap Ribba frames from Ikea (the ones with plastic instead of glass inside) that I sprayed with chalkboard spray paint. The one on the left is Jonas's (note to self: teach Jonas about L-to-R directionality in reading and writing) and the one on the right is Penny's. :)

A.A. Milne quote that is sweet and reminds me of my kids.

More Expedit shelves because they're seriously the best.

Jonas loves climbing in and jumping out of his new bed!

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