Thursday, June 13, 2013

the 7th Locke home: pt. 1

I know, I know... Why the heck am I putting up pictures of our almost-finished-but-not-quite-there home on the blog ALREADY?! Yes. I'm crazy.

I'm 34-weeks pregnant today and maybe because this is the last time I'll have it, but the nesting bug in me this time around is super crazy. We moved into our 7th home as the Lockes on Monday, May 27, and as of today, 2 and a half weeks later, I feel like more than half of our home is "ready." For what? I don't know. For me to be able to sit in the living/dining room, without looking around like a crazy woman and constantly making crazy lists in my head of all that needs to get done in that room.

This new house is the biggest we've been in and it's the first time that we don't share walls or floors/ceilings with other people! The outside of the house needs a LOT of work but has a lot of potential so our goal is to have a nice yard, garden and porch by the summer of 2014. The inside of the house, as you'll be able to see in the pictures, has lots of old-house quirks, some of which we love (odd sloped ceilings, claw-footed tub, bay windows) and some of which we're not sure of (strange toilet sounds, lack of window screens). My biggest complaint would have to be the wall-to-wall carpet, but I love using my Dyson vacuum so it's not as bad as I expected so far.

So, because I fully expect to lose most contact with the outside world in the next few weeks as we gear up to become a family of FIVE, I am presenting to you all our almost-finished living room and dining room (and a bit of our kitchen.)

A couple of things I've realized about myself and my decorating tastes as I've been thinking back to all the decorating and homemaking I've done in our last 7 moves...
1) I really like color.
2) But at the same time, it's hard for me to commit to one color or one pair of colors. (Except when it comes to yellow. I ALWAYS love yellow.)
3) I'm quite fickle. It's actually served me well to have moved so many times because it's given me so many opportunities to redecorate!
4) I don't think I'll ever grow up (i.e. my decorating tastes are never going to be grown-up! Poor Jeff. He definitely has more grown-up/mature taste in home decor and furniture.)
5) Spray paint is really awesome.

Here are some pictures!

When you walk in our front door, this is what you see:

Those two big bookshelves actually block a door that leads to our bedroom. Blocking that door really opens up the living room and makes the bedroom feel less like a path to the kitchen. (You can see in front of the shelf, things I still need to hang, and I think that little area with the record player and ottomans could use a little accent rug, especially to cover that ugly floor vent.)

This picture helps to see the front door and get a better sense of the layout of the front downstairs area, and it has cute smiling children in it. :)

This is how the kids "watch tv." You can see the dining room beyond them.

Living room shots. The couch was a $60 craigslist find, the coffee table and rug are from Target, the bench is from craigslist for $15 and that rocking chair we've had since our SF days-- we got it for $5 from a neighbor's yard sale!

The bench needs a furry blanket or throw. I'm saving up pennies to pick up this one at Ikea!

The dining room has great big windows (yay!) and has our free piano that we got from the sweetest couple ever on craigslist (they had it delivered to us!). There's the table we made for our first Alameda home...

See?! 34-weeks pregnant! Big ol' belly.

The dining room leads to the kitchen. I'm meh about the kitchen. I like that it's big (yay for breakfast table!) but the lack of pantry and shelving has been driving me a little bonkers. Those metal shelves are definitely temporary solutions and hopefully one day we'll get some real pantry shelves in there...

That's all I have pictures of for now. The kids' room is upstairs and I'll try to snap some pictures of it soon and hopefully I'll have the nursery ready before the baby arrives in 6 weeks or so!

My last snapshot is one of the AMAZING prints that Christina, a friend from the church, gifted us. It's right by our door and it makes me really happy every time I see it. She is seriously SO TALENTED. We have one of her alphabet prints in the kids' room too. :)

Please come and visit us soon!!!!


cler said...

I love colors too! Your living room should belong on Pinterest! Btw, I saw a skateboard... who's doing that?

Kathy Locke said...

the skateboard belongs to Brent, our church's summer intern who is staying with us for some of the summer. definitely NOT mine. :) i would surely die on a skateboard.

Samantha Sungyun Lee said...

I can't wait to see the place in person! Love how much light you get in this place! :) Happy nesting, but know when to slow down!

Katherine said...

Looks SO good. Um, can you come add some color to our apartment please? In your spare time. :).

jo said...

so colorful! i wish i had style like you. :)

inee said...

i hope i get to come visit!! the house looks super super awesome :)

Kathy Locke said...

thanks everyone for your comments!!! and YES, please please come visit us soon! we mean it!

brownsugarhoney said...

we are moving too! very very, decor....all of it! congrats & love it!