Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Jonas Clayton is FIVE. (that number rounds up to 10!!!)

Dear Jonas,

Wow. How time flies. Feels like just yesterday I was trying to be brave and in labor with you for 24+ hours before having to meet you via C-section in the wee hours of your due date...

And now you're five years old! This was a big year for you! You moved to Alameda, started at a new school, learned to read and ride a big-boy bike... Basically, as you grew up, I became a bit more obsolete, no longer needed to wipe your bottom, brush your teeth, clean your face, pick out your clothes... I know that it's good that you do these things on your own, but I do appreciate the rare times you humor me and still let me help you with some of them.

Thanks for still grabbing my hand when I stretch it out to you when we walk in parking lots or across the street. Thanks for wanting to snuggle me on the couch and asking me "Umma, do you want to snuggle on the couch for a little bit?". Thanks for wearing stripes a lot and not complaining about it too much. Thanks for thinking my cooking is delicious (right?) and telling me I look beautiful after I get dressed in the morning.

But more than anything, thanks for helping me to understand God's grace in so many different ways. Gosh, we're really not that great at the parenting thing, but you always forgive when I yell or snap or just tune you out. And, the fact that you are our son, a strange and perfect mix of Daddy and me, and we love you so so so much... and that Jesus was God's son, and God loved him in that perfect, only-God-could way, and yet gave his son up for me?!?!?!... well, that just simply blows my mind. 

So even though I'm not quite ready for you to be five and in kindergarten and almost 4 feet tall and heavier than I can carry, I will do my best to follow along and support you as you keep growing up. Because it seems that growing up is a process I cannot stop, no matter how hard I try (and ask Daddy: sometimes I try really hard to keep you from growing up!) Please just promise you'll still want to snuggle occasionally on the couch.

Love, Umma

5 friends to go mini-golfing with, to celebrate turning 5.

It was crazy fun. I went to bed at 8pm afterwards. 

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