Monday, April 08, 2013

we went to Yosemite.

The past two weeks have been quite eventful: I turned 32 (!), we had lots and lots of family and friends visit for the launch of Grace Alameda, we had our launch service on Easter... it was busy and crazy to say the least, and by the end of it all, we needed a break.

So... we went to Yosemite!

We got a great deal on Groupon for a cabin 20 miles outside of the park (in Groveland) and drove up Tuesday morning and stayed through Thursday morning.

This was Penny right before we left for our trip to the mountains:

After a couple of hours of vomit-free driving (yay!!), we ended up in Groveland where we checked into our cabin, ate lunch, and then headed out to Yosemite. Jeff took lots and LOTS of pictures of nature-y things like trees and rivers and such, but I figured that pictures of us would be more interesting for Grandma and Mimi and other family members who keep in touch with us via this blog. :)

We drove into Yosemite Valley (which ended taking us longer than we predicted-- a little less than an hour from the front door of our cabin) and headed out to see waterfalls.

(I was driving so that Jeff could take all his nature-y photos.)

(Did you know that Penny love love LOVES rocks? She especially loved this HUGE one and gave it a hug and a kiss.)

We walked and walked for a bit, exploring and just enjoying the awesome weather (70-degrees and sunny for both of our days in the valley!)

One of the kids' favorite things to do was riding on the free shuttle. :) Such city kids at heart...

(This was us waiting for the shuttle to get us back to our car.)

(Tired face after a long, fun day.)

Oh, did I mention that the cabin had a bunk bed? The kids LOVED it. They couldn't sleep on it-- no railing or ladder-- but they played on it for a good chunk of time.

(The kids at breakfast the next morning.)

We loved getting to spend time together, playing cards, eating yummy food (the cabin had a full kitchen so I could bring our meals from home!), but mostly loved exploring Yosemite Valley. There's nothing like feeling tired at the end of the day from being outside in the sunshine...

These next two pictures crack me up because they are so typical of Penny. I think in the first one, she's mad about something-- not sure what? Look at how she's got her back turned and arms crossed! Such a sassy little gal...

And then there was the time after dinner on Wednesday where we gave them plastic spoons to play with outside and they just sat and made tunnels and holes in the dirt...

It was a perfect little Spring Break vacation. :)


Rebekah said...

The bunk bed had no ladder or railing? It's a floating death trap! Eek! What a great trip -- so glad you guys got away after all the craziness. I know you needed it! And now I'm praying for you through THIS week's craziness. =)

allyson Alvarez said...

At first, it seemed like it's not safe to bring kids on a tour. It's great to see some of your photos with kids enjoying. I would love to bring my kids as well when I book for a tour next time.