Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lynn got married!

I'm catching up on updates...

Lynn, one of my dearest friends from college and beyond, got married a couple of weekends ago!

She is one of my bestest friends and I'm SO SO glad that she lives closer to me now! 

These lovely friends came up for the wedding and wedding-related festivities...

We more-or-less all lived together during college, and though we're all grown-up now, we still have some very silly and good times together. :)

The wedding was also a Locke-family event: Jeff officiated the wedding and Jonas and Penny were the ring-bearer and flower girl. I just stood around being really pregnant and sweaty most of the weekend. :)

This was right before we left for the wedding. I have no idea why Penny was so grumpy.

Lynn's mom MADE all those beautiful paper flowers!!!!

And then there was the lovely couple. Seriously. They are the sweetest pair of people ever. And so perfect for each other.

Steven also MADE these crazy awesome lava-lamp-like centerpieces! They changed colors and had glitter inside and basically kept the kids mesmerized all through the three-course dinner. 

And now Lynn and Steven are traipsing around France, being in love in the loveliest place ever. 

We're so happy for them! 

Lynn and Steven, thanks for letting all of us be a part of your special day! Come back soon! The Lockes already miss you!!!

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