Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sewing again.

I had another sewing spurt. :)

This time, it was prompted by this super cute fabric. I was doing laundry and saw it next to my sewing machine (which is currently stationed in our laundry/mud room) and wanted to make something for Penny to wear.

I basically used this tutorial but made the straps a bit skinnier and it's more of a tunic than a dress because I only had less than a yard of fabric.

Penny was busy cutting her wooden fruit. (Yes, that's a band-aid on her face.)

From the side.

Front of top.


Funny little lady.

I've also been obsessed with making this easy fabric-covered bead necklaces...

I wanted some cheery, chunky necklaces to wear with t-shirts and such and these are seriously SO. EASY. I used this tutorial but didn't like the look of the ribbons so I just used more fabric to finish them off.

They're so easy that I want to make them all the time! Don't be surprised if you receive one as a gift from me soon. :)

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