Thursday, February 07, 2013

the kids, lately

Lots of singing and dancing and listening to music. Penny's favorites right now are Taylor Swift, Feist, St. Vincent, and the Muppets. Jonas's favorites are Led Zeppelin, the Beatles' White Album, David Bowie and Animal Collective.

It gets wild next to our front door. (That little welcome mat is their "stage", so they say.)

Jonas, so happy, all the time, especially when getting tickled by Daddy.

They're REALLY into jigsaw puzzles.

Oh, and there's potty-training. Or lack thereof. To quote Penny in this picture, "Umma, no poo-poo in there." (She's pointing to her bottom.)

16-weeks pregnant today. And look! Apparently, there's really a baby growing inside of my belly! 

(Oh, and as you can see in the photo above, I have an I-Phone now! Yay for instagramming and cute phone cases!! This basically means I'll never take a real picture with a real camera ever again. So sad.)

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