Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grace Alameda

After months and months of thinking, praying, waiting, moving, growing, relating, planning, preparing, the time has almost come!

We're launching Grace Alameda on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Last night before we fell asleep, Jeff was telling me how hard it has been to sleep lately because he's just. SO. EXCITED. :) I told him that it's his version of being pregnant and having a baby-- it seems like a lot of the things he's feeling and that we've gone through are very similar to the experience of growing a little baby in the womb and waiting with a lot of anticipation/uncertainty/hope for this new person to enter the world.

This church is Jeff's "baby."

If you have time and feel so inclined, please take a look at our final fundraising push before our launch date. We're hoping to raise $20,000!

Thanks everyone for all of your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. We're so blessed.

(If you're going to be in/near Alameda on March 31, please join us at 4pm for our service! There is also a rumor that there may be tacos after the service....) :)

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