Saturday, January 12, 2013

sickness all over.

We never did a recap of the holidays.

That's mostly because we were overcome with sickness over here...

My first trimester morning sickness took over most of the holidays, going back and forth between feeling starving and nauseous, to having terrible indigestion and heartburn. Yuck. I think being away from home helped in some ways (the more distracted/busy I am, the less I'm likely to complain about the yuckiness) but also made things harder in other ways (I feel most comfortable vomiting into my toilet at home.)

One thing that seems to help is this green smoothie I make each morning with my AWESOME immersion blender. (Do you have an immersion blender? Get one. It's truly the best kitchen appliance ever.) It's basically frozen pineapple and mango that I defrost in the fridge overnight, throw in coconut water, half a banana, kale and spinach in the morning and blend it all up. It's delicious and it STAYS DOWN. Praise God.

I'm almost out of the first trimester so hopefully this morning/all-day sickness will be done soon. 

But, the children... the poor, poor children...

It started at Christmas, when Jonas came down with a cold. Coughing, fever, runny nose, aches, the works. Perfect for celebrating the holidays. Since he was sick, we decided to leave him at my sister's place while Jeff, Penny and I went to a youth retreat at Lake Arrowhead (Jeff was the retreat speaker.) About halfway through the retreat, Penny came down with the same sickness, but with all the comforts of being in the snowy, cold mountains and without a tv or computer to watch (yes, watching movies is part of the remedy for colds for us.) It was definitely a fun and encouraging time with the youth kids, but we were glad to go pick up a now-healed-all-better (thanks Karen and Dave!) Jonas and get the sick baby girl home to Alameda.

Sick Penny lasted into New Year's Eve and day (Jeff and Jonas partied it up until midnight and Penny and I went to sleep at 7:30pm) and just as I thought we were all good, Jonas started school.

School friends = more germs = more sickness.

He started school Monday, by Wednesday night, we had a vomiting (not a symptom of his illness, just something that is special to our boy who coughs until he vomits-- he'll make some girl feel very lucky some day) and feverish Jonas. For a while we thought it might be the measles, but thank God it's 2013 and it wasn't the measles after all.

We've been quarantined since then.

They do a lot of this...

Of course, as of right now, Jonas is feeling much better and fever-free, and lo and behold, Penny woke up from her nap with a fever today.

If you're reading this, you must think that I'm using this blog to complain about these illnesses that have taken over our house.

You're right!

I'm sorry for that.

I've been trying to be thankful in the midst of all this and there are definitely moments of grace (I started watching "Call the Midwives"... so good!) and rest. But have also had many more moments of frustration and impatience, cause how many times can I disinfect the house/doorknobs/toys/sheets? How many times do I have to remind Jonas NOT TO COUGH INTO PENNY'S FACE???

Thank God for John Piper and this blog post. It's helped me to have perspective and to know that even in these YUCKY situations, God may be making the power of Christ more beautiful in weakness. 

Yes, yes and YES.

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