Wednesday, December 12, 2012

too tired.

Apparently, December 4:30pm is my I've-hit-the-wall-and-can-no-longer-move-or-play-or-read-or-talk-or-listen time of day.

Here are some pictures:

We were going to go ice-skating. Instead, we got hot chocolate.

And cookies. The kids were happy.

Sundays are always exhausting.

I don't know. Her mouth is full. Why is that cute? I really don't know.

Rainy day outfit = scarf and red polka-dot rain boots. Too cute.

Sometime I wish she were bigger/I was the size of 2-year-old so that I could wear her clothes, especially that cardigan.

And other times, I wish I could stick her in my pocket and she would stay two forever.

Grace Alameda Plant Team Meeting!

A real update on life is coming. I promise. :)

Christmas is so great! 

Oh, and Jonas and Penny LOVE THE MUPPETS. It's pretty awesome.


Amy said...

We're loving the muppets right now, too! "No drums! No drums! In control..."

Kathy Locke said...

Amy! The muppets are so great! I never watched them as a kid so it's all new to me too. We just watched the original Muppet Movie last night. The kids LOVED IT. :)