Tuesday, October 30, 2012

what penny wore

It's ridiculous how much fun it is to dress Penny.

(blazer from CrewCuts via Lauren's Closet [YAY for consignment], chambray blouse from GapKids via Chloe's Closet in SF, corduroy shorts from Tea sample sale, tights from Children's Place, boots from GapKids [thanks Mimi!])

(rain jacket from REI via Chloe's Closet, striped tunic from Old Navy, leggings from clothing swap, boots from Chloe's Closet)

(navy shirt from H&M, dress/skirt from Old Navy, tights from Children's Place, boots from GapKids [thanks Mimi!], necklace from CrewCuts [thanks Aunty Clara and Uncle Allen!])

This is Penny saying that she's TWO. :)

Apparently I like to dress Penny in navy blue...

Even though it's fun to dress my daughter in cute outfits, I pray that God gives us wisdom to help raise Penny in a way that encourages her to love the "clothing" of Christ's righteousness, and that her character would outshine any outfit she wears (or that I put on her!)

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Bethany Miller said...

I love that you're socializing her with your own impeccable fashion sense!