Monday, September 24, 2012


We're on our last week of swimming lessons at Aquatech. 

Penny (and Jeff) joined in on the fun this month and it seems that it really is better to get little ones in the water earlier. She loves the water and is less fearful of "swimming" than Jonas is.

I think next summer we'll plan on doing a week-long intensive course for both of them. I'm not sure that Jonas got that much out of his lessons, because I'm not confident he would survive if he fell into a pool or other body of water. They both love doing "balloon cheeks" (aka "blue cheeks" which is what we thought Jonas was calling the action of holding your breath, until Jeff started taking classes with Penny and learned that he was saying balloon, not blue. Go figure. We thought it was kind of weird that they would teach the kids to try to make their face blue by holding their breath...)

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