Tuesday, August 28, 2012

happy 2nd birthday penelope true.

Dear Penny,

What to say to the little girl who has truly captured our hearts? 

You are such a girl. Your sweet voice and smile. Your sassy attitude and swagger. Your desire to be pretty and well-accessorized. Your ability to love us one second and be indifferent the next. Your not-so-shy-but-more-coy nature. 

You are loved for sure. Your brother loves to make you smile and laugh 93% of the time, and even though you don't always want to be the little sister, he really does want to be helpful and teach you how to do things he's figured out in the two years he has on you. We can already see that you guys are on the same team and that there will be years of conspiracy ahead. :)

And, of course, your daddy. Oh dear. The way that man loves and adores you, he's bound to have his heart tugged and stretched as you grow up and mature. Between your big brother and your daddy, I already feel bad for your future homecoming dates...

For me, being your umma makes everyday feel like my birthday. Seriously. It's too much fun. We share giggles, we argue and disagree, we snuggle and kiss, we go shopping and paint our toenails. It's an excellent thing, to have another girl in the house. 

It's amazing how God uses you and your little life to teach us so much. We do love you very much, but I pray that someday soon, you'll realize that there's no greater love than God's perfect love for you, his precious daughter. 

You are loved Penelope True!

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