Monday, August 06, 2012

a week in socal.

Last week we went down to Ventura and LA to visit family and have a nice little break.

We started in Ventura where Jeff and I got to spend a night away! We watched TWO MOVIES (The Dark Knight Rises and Moonrise Kingdom-- both awesome!) because we were just that excited to have all that free time.

I dressed like a citrus fruit:

And we went out for breakfast where we got stumped by this puzzle:

We then headed down to Sherman Oaks to hang out with Karen, Dave, Nora and Alice. It was awesome to let the kids play together and basically be lazy and hang around the house and go out and eat. 

Penny got to visit Nora's ballet class:
She had to wear all of the bling that Mimi gave her. :)

We got to hold and snuggle this perfect little baby girl:

We visited with Nick and Katie who are moving to Boston and they gave Penny an early birthday present!

New navy Saltwater Sandals, courtesy of Janette! yay!!!

Jeff and Nora bonded over a common love of Gangnam Style:

Thanks to Karen's friend Briana, we even got to go out the four of us, without any kids! (No pictures because we were too busy eating delicious korean food.)


By the way, this girl turns TWO in 3 weeks! So sad when kids grow up. :(

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Angie Ochoa said...

Awww! Sophie is turning 3 in a little over a month. It goes by so quickly! Cherish the time you have with them. :-)