Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a peek at our home...

We've been in Alameda for a month now!

Want to see a bit of our still-unfinished space????

When you walk in the front door...

(Sorry, it's kind of messy... I took this picture right after I put the kids down for a nap after I got home from work.)

We got rid of a LOT of our old stuff, even selling some of it and making a profit on craigslist, and were able to really simplify. One of the benefits of moving into a smaller space has been needing to simplify and purge. I love simplifying and purging. (Jeff might say that I love it too much, especially when he is asking me where that box of random cords and wires went...)

We sold both of our old Ikea couches for this new gray sofa from Cost Plus. Ideally, we would have spent more money and gotten a couch from Room & Board but it worked out that the money we got from our old couches basically covered the cost of this new one.  The rocking chair is from our SF apartment ($10 craigslist find!) and the white chair is a standard one from Ikea.

(It's much lighter in person. As you can tell, being on the ground level in a narrow space, the lighting for photos isn't ideal.)

When you're sitting on our couch, you're facing this:

We got that AWESOME electric organ from a thrift store here in Alameda. The green shelf I bought in SF (it holds our records and some books) and the prints and pictures are from various blogs and/or craft shows.

Behind our living space is this:

Yes! It's our DIY dining table! The metal chairs are from overstock and the counter stools were found in the as-is section at Ikea (love as-is!).

Here's our little kitchen:

And here's the view looking out from the kitchen towards the front door:

I have a large mirror and some prints and pictures that I am going to put up on the wall next to the dining table. I also want to do something better with our entry way; right now we have a shoe cubby thing and coat rack, but want to create a little bench or something for that area too.

Thanks for looking! I'll try to put up some more detail shots soon....


Angie Ochoa said...

Cute! Looks like something from Pinterest! :-)

Aileen Chang said...

i <3 your interior designing skills. Your place looks fabulous kathy!

rosie said...

ah looks so cute, kathy. nice work!!