Tuesday, July 17, 2012

no gas.

We've been busy with visitors for the last couple of weeks. We had Jeff's parents here for a bit, and then the Chaes came and visited, and just this last weekend we had the Ludwinskis stay with us. 

Having out-of-town visitors means that we get to explore Alameda, go to the beach, eat good food/try new restaurants, and new playmates for the kiddos. We love it!

Unfortunately, our visit with Dan, Ashley and Maddy Ludwinski had to be cut short because our gas got shut off this weekend. Since Saturday, we have not had hot water and cannot use our gas appliances (the stove/oven and dryer). Definitely not ideal for hosting out-of-town guests.

We're doing ok over here so far... Eating out (I definitely don't mind not having to cook!), hanging our laundry up to dry (thank God for our canopy bed!), cold showers/dirty children. It seems that there's a leak somewhere and right now our landlords have had to go into various walls to try to find it. So far, no success; the PG&E people have come twice and still detect gas flow somewhere even with all of our gas appliances turned off/disconnected.

Please pray that we'll continue to have good attitudes about this whole situation. It seems that God definitely wants us to build relationships with our landlord and his family and they have been trying hard to help us in this situation. 

These pictures have nothing to do with anything. Just some photos that Allen sent us from when he came to hang out in Alameda while Clara and I were in Florida...

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